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Sadly due to the times we live in hypodermic syringes have become a major problem for social housing providers, business owners and property landlords/developers. Discarded syringes can bring a development/refurbishment to a complete stop. We at D.J. Rees are trained to search and remove such items leaving a clean and safe environment for workers, tenants or housing officers.

We undertake this task for many social housing providers, private landlords and general business owners, allowing them to dispose of waste safely ensuring their staff/direct labour force do not come into contact with sharps which can prove fatal.

So often with social housing when tenants are involved in drug misuse, very frequently when they vacate their premises they leave not only syringes/drug paraphernalia behind but personal belonging, furniture, bags of waste refuge which all have to be checked for hidden sharps prior to going to landfill or a waste transfer station.

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Disposing of waste safely

Checking for hidden sharps

On particular sites where discarded needles are a continuing problem D.J. Rees can offer, daily, weekly or monthly sweeps of the site to ensure construction workers, staff, tenants do not come into contact with a sharp that has been discarded overnight.


Upon leaving the premises D.J. Rees provides the landlord/business owner with a cleanliness certificate along with a recovery report detailing exactly what was found at the address/site.

Regular site sweeps available

Dirty floor covered in dirty needles Multiple syringes on the ground Sharp search and removal